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Onboard multiple managed users

You can onboard multiple main users to multiple facilities by using an Excel sheet.

  1. Log in to KONE Flow Manager.
  2. Click to select the MANAGED USERS tab.
  4. Click DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE and save the file locally.
    KONE Flow Manager exports an Excel file.
  5. Open the exported Excel file.
    Note: Do not close KONE Flow Manager.
    The Excel file contains the following columns:
    • Name - managed user's name
    • Email - managed user's email address
    • Country code - the country code of the managed user's phone number, including the plus sign (+), for example, Finland: +358
    • Phone number - managed user's phone number
    • Profile - add a profile name to help finding a user later, for example a company name.
  6. Fill in all columns related to the managed user.
  7. Save the Excel file.
  8. Click IMPORT in KONE Flow Manager.
  9. Select the Excel file you completed and click OPEN to start the import.
    KONE Flow Manager validates the imported data.
  10. Click OK to complete the import.

Onboard multiple managed users


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